Yule Log 2.0
The Yule log is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth as a Christmas tradition. The festivities of Yule are held on Winter Solstice and include feasting, drinking, and sacrifice (blót). Some say the tradition is an "enfeebled version of the ancient Celtic human sacrifices," while others say it's simply related to a "feudal obligation of acquiring firewood."
Once the large block of wood was carefully selected, the rituals began upon it's ignition. Lasting for the entire Twelve Days of Christmas, the log proudly burned through the cold nights. Once finished, the burned wood was kept around the house to ward off a range of misfortunes including: toothaches, mildew, lightning, house fires, hail, and chilblains. The log was also known to have magical powers and had the ability to "defecate gifts."
As society became modernised, so did the "rituals." More people choosing to live in cities rather than rural areas meant less fireplaces to burn logs. And with that, an infinite burning log broadcasted on television was born to give those without a real fireplace the same comfort, accompanied by soft crackles and Christmas music.
The Process.
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