Lyft Who?
Lyft takes you where you need to go, when you need to go. In a matter of minutes, Lyft will arrive promptly to a pickup destination in numerous cities offering an efficient way of traveling. Apart from just a means of transportation, you also can become your own boss. Making your own hours, and keeping the money and tips you’ve made for yourself. Lyft is fun, safe, and efficient. It’s a ride whenever you need one.
The Goal.
Uniquely use the logo in a way that supports and maintains Lyft’s brand integrity, while visually depicting a story.
The Process.
Below are some of the first styleframes and storyboard produced for the concept, and as you can see the project evolved enormously from its beginning stages. While not straying far from the original idea, the animation and visuals became increasingly sophisticated as I moved through production. 
Though this project was extremely fun to work on, it also offered a great amount of challenges. For one, I've never animated a car, or even attempted to model one. With that being said, the design had to be simple but still had to read as a car someone would want to enter and feel safe in. Animating the cars became a bit of a problem on the road which is essentially shaped like a half circle, while curving, and at some points, upside down. I also ran into a problem tracking the second scene onto the phone, as it revealed the world through the screen. I figured it would be simple since I had tracked a 3D scene in After Effects before, however it became quite a nuisance. Eventually after a great amount of trial and error, support from other artists, and a bit of faking it, I was able to successfully conquer the challenges.

Original Styleframes
Original Storyboard
Process Reel
3D Scene & Car Render
Road & Car Window Texture
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