Maybe We Should Know Better?
This is a question I am always asking myself. 
Why do I always fall into the same situations when I know the potential outcome? Experiencing extraordinary pain has value, and with each time we encounter this, we begin to assimilate the nature of being hurt. We'll continue to keep experiencing - each time with a better understanding of oneself. I suppose this thought comes from my understanding of the good and bad. Life is a constant ride filled with ups and downs, curves, and ditches. It's something we simply need to understand. Every thing, every moment, is a transition into the next, no matter how good or bad it may seem in the moment.
A Means of Closure
Recently, I have been collecting materials not exactly knowing what I was going to use them for. A collection which consisted of newspaper clippings after I'd read it, old novels and photo journals people were throwing away, as well as some test prints I had silk screened. Many of which I collected during this time were found while I was trying to escape certain memories. This collection of materials has turned my sketchbooks into a visualization of my reflections and a means of closure and inner examination of myself, and my past. Finding such special items felt like I had found a hidden treasure. Each item having its own story to tell.
The Process.
This piece was primarily an experiment using techniques I wasn't fully comfortable with. Everything you see in this has either been found or made by myself. Even the date stamp used was found in a box that someone left to throw away, I guess one man's trash is truly another man's treasure. All of the textural elements were misprints and test prints from a silk screen I had previously been working on and happened to save. The photos in this piece were found in books that were being thrown away, scanned in and further manipulated either by screen printing it, or digitally.
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